Notifier.js ā€“ Elegant Javascript notifications

Before starting a major project, Iā€™m laying out the groundwork and creating some of the libraries required.

This includes Notifier.js ā€” a Javascript library for Gnome / Growl type non-blocking notifications.

It depends on Jquery. At 68 lines of code, Notifier.js can be classified as minimalist.

Notifier.js supports success, info, warning and error notifications.

Notifications show up at the top-right corner and fade away in 5 seconds (by default). Click and it fades away even sooner.

Multiple notifications at the same time stash up in a vertical list.

Notifier.js has been designed for easy inclusion in any existing small or large project.

Demo | Download via GitHub

The source code and usage examples can be found in the Notifier.js GitHub repository.

Feel free to use it, fork it and provide feedback / pull requests.