India’s first ever MongoDB Meetup – Mongo Dilli

Earlier this year, a few of us from Review19 and ThoughtWorks NCR got together to form Mongo Dilli.

Officially backed by 10gen, we had our first meetup last Saturday which was generously hosted by ThoughtWorks, thanks to the efforts of Garima, Jatin and rest of the TW crew.

Mongo Dilli is the official chapter of the MongoDB community for this part of the world.

The meetup received around 30 RSVPs but the number of people who eventually turned up was around 10 which included 7 regulars and a few additional ThoughtWorkers popping in and out. A conversion rate of one-third is pretty much par partly because of the blistering heat of 40 degrees Celsius (approx 105 degrees Fahrenheit) here at this time of the year.

Beer may be used to entice better participation in future events.. ;-)

There was an excellent mix of roles from veteran software engineers, security experts, CTO’s and entrepreneurs. This led to insights from a fairly broad perspective.

We shared our experiences with MongoDB and discussed good and bad use-cases for MongoDB and document based database in general. We explored programming language specific situations including Ruby, Node.js, Java and Scala specific experiences.

Web security expert Sri Prasanna then demonstrated the dynamics of a MongoDB specific NoSQL injection from the browser, which thankfully could *not* be replicated on Review19. But his example certainly demolished some pre-existing myths regarding NoSQL security while highlighting the importance of good programming practices regardless the technology landscape.

This was followed by a freestyle group discussion on topics ranging from schemas, relations, team dynamics, migrations to deployment specifics. These discussions carried over lunch after which the meetup concluded and the group dispersed.

On the whole, an excellent start to Mongo Dilli.

Leading up to our featured Meetup with Dwight Merriman, CEO, 10gen / MongoDB in December this year, we’ll be organizing recurring meet-ups, perhaps one per quarter. Stay tuned!

Mongo Dilli Meetup Group Photo

That’s us. Me = Second from left, hairy legs.

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