Do you know HTML5?

I was asked this today and I wonder if it is even possible to answer this question with a straight face?

HTML5 is a very vague term for a wide range of constantly evolving browser features.

  • You may be an expert of in-browser storage but clueless about WebGL. Does it mean you know HTML5?
  • You've implemented web socket servers and clients, but you know nothing about IndexedDB. Does it mean you know HTML5?
  • You've mastered the file systems API, but are a WebRTC dummy. Does it mean you know HTML5?

Do I know HTML5? I've worked with some parts, I've consciously stayed away from others while being too scared to explore the rest. Be specific. What are you referring to really? Define what you mean by 'HTML5'. I'm a programmer not a marketing exec. I cannot lie and I only have 24 hours in a day so I'm not an expert of it all.

Nobody else is either.

Oh well, at least people asking me this are better off than those who just dismiss HTML5 as "oh just bunch of new tags".