Top 5 Node.js books money can buy

  1. Practical Node.js by Azat Mardan takes you from installing all the necessary modules to writing full-stack web applications by harnessing the power of the Express.js and Hapi frameworks, the MongoDB database with Mongoskin and Mongoose, Jade and Handlebars template engines, Stylus and LESS CSS languages, OAuth and Everyauth libraries, and the Socket.IO and Derby libraries, and everything in between.
  2. Node.js in Action by Mike Cantalon shows you how to build production-quality applications. Clear introductions of key concepts and example-by-example coverage take you from setup to deployment. You'll dive into asynchronous programming, data storage, and output templating, and interact with the filesystem to create non-HTTP applications like TCP/IP servers and command-line tools. No prior experience with Node.js needed.
  3. Node.js the Right Way by Jim Wilson packs a hefty dose of Node.js. You'll test your code's functionality and performance under load, learn important aspects of Node development -- from architecture and core, to its ecosystem of third-party modules. You'll discover how Node pairs a server-side event loop with a JavaScript runtime to produce screaming fast, non-blocking concurrency. Through a series of practical programming domains, you'll use the latest available ECMAScript Harmony features and harness key Node classes such as EventEmitter and Stream.
  4. Node.js, MongoDB, and AngularJS Web Development by Brad Daley is a complete guide for web programmers who want to integrate these three technologies into full working solutions. It begins with concise, crystal-clear tutorials on each of the three technologies and then quickly moves on to building scalable, high-performance web applications.
  5. Pro Node.js for Developers by Colin J. Thrig will teach you advanced software engineering skills that will give your code a professional edge. You’ll learn how to create easily reusable modules that will save you time through code reuse, to log and debug your applications quickly and effectively and to write code that will scale easily and reliably as the demand for your application grows.