googleplaces.js 0.6.1

Now with NearBySearch, PlaceAutocomplete and bug fixes.

Find googleplaces.js on GitHub, NPM

googleplaces.js 0.4.1

Finally got around and updated googleplaces.js to 0.4.1.

Merged in some PRs, fixed some bugs and updated code style.

It's very early days, I need your PRs!

Find googleplaces.js on GitHub, NPM

Node.js library for the Google Places API - googleplaces.js

Need to access the Google Places API from your server side Node.js application? Here comes googleplaces.js

I built this library yesterday to provide a simple consistent interface to the Google Places API. Check out the examples and the FAQ.

Available on npm hopes to become the de facto way to interact with Google Places API from Node.js.

Welcoming feedback, code reviews, additional tests, forks, hacks etc.